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Panel installation and using our connectors is very easy.
Download the instructions anytime here: Panel Instructions

Office partition angle connectors Angle Connector attaches two panels at an angle (90°) Since either panel can slide to overlap the other panel, "true corners" are easy to form when using the LC Angle connectors. $12.95 each
Office partition Straight connectors Straight Connector attaches two panels in a straight line (180°) $11.95 each
Office partition T-connectors T-Connector attaches the end of one panel to the face of another panel, (anywhere along the face). These come in "upper" and "lower" models $12.95 each
LC Leg connector for office panels LC Leg can be snapped into place for a "stand alone" panel, one on each side. $12.95 each
Office partition wall connectors Wall Connector Narrow type. Allows the attachment of our panel to a wall or other hard surface. $11.95 each
Office partition wide wall connectors Wall Connector Wide type. These offer good lateral stability and are easy to install. This type of connector can also be used as a floor connector. $11.95 each
Office partition 3d special connectors Straight Leg This special connector connects two panels (at the bottom) in a straight line, and, at the same time, stabilizes like our "Leg". This is normally used between panels that comprise a long straight line of panels (4 or more). A regular "straight" is used at the top. In the 4-panel illustration (above right) we have a "Leg" on each end and a "Straight Leg" in the middle $15.95 each
Office partition Star Connectors Star Connector This connector makes a 4 panel intersection for panels as shown above. One connector is used below, and another on top. $15.95 each
Office partition Stacker Star Connectors Stacker Star Connector This connector makes a 4 panel intersection for "stacked" panels. Normally for trade show use, where 10'-12' + heights are desired. The illustration (above right) shows blue E-panels and smaller red panels, stacked with Stacker Star connectors and straight connectors. $18.00 each
Office partition High-Low 3 way connectors High-Low 3-Way Connector allows a shorter panel to be connected to two taller panels at a 90° angle as shown in the illustration (above right). A "T-Connector (lower)" is used at the bottom. $19.95 each
Office partition 5-Way Star Connectors 5 Way Star Connector allows the intersection of 4 stacked panels and 5th panel at 90° as shown in above illustration. $23.95 each
Office partition Power Pole Star Connectors Power Pole Star Connector makes a 4 panel intersection. One snaps into the top, another at the bottom. $17.95 each