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Some common questions and answers

What are the color choices?
We can probably get any color or pattern you need. We purchase and stock "Heather Grey" and other basic colors in large quantities, so we get a great price from our suppliers. If you need a particular color/style/fabric, we simply go to one of our suppliers and buy enough fabric to fill your order. We may pay a little more, since the quantity is lower, but our suppliers have good variety. We can email pictures of any fabric or mail a swatch to you.
What sizes can I get?
Basically, any size you need, up to 4'x10'. You tell us the size you need, we make your panels. That way, you get a custom fit every time.
What is the lead time?
As a rough estimate, for 2-4 panels, 3-5days. If you're ordering 10-20 panels, 4-8 days. For orders of 30-60+ panels, we may need 5-12 days or more. It just depends upon our work load at the time.
How much is shipping?
We are in Southern CA. The trucking companies have their minimum charges. Usually, the cost to ship 2 panels is about the same as shipping 10-12 panels. As an example; Shipping 10 panels to FL costs about $230. Shipping 10 panels to TX costs about $170. Shipping 10 panels to NY costs about $250. 10 panels to WA is about $170. 10 panels in CA costs $170. The price starts to rise when the weight gets over 180 lbs or so. This used to be around 30-40% cheaper, but the price of diesel fuel is taking it's toll.
How can you sell LC panels for such a low price?
Some usual (and unusual) business strategies have been employed: A skeleton crew, no advertising (except for the website), we watch the waste, recycle everything, and work with a profit margin that is embarrasingly low. Many employees are on commissions only, so everyone uses their time efficiently. We wanted a straightforward, low cost, lightweight panel, that would be easy to set up or rearrange. LC panels was born in 1997. We take some pride in the fact that we have the lowest price, and the lightest, most versatile panel. We're also solar powered (Powercraft), so electrical costs are minimal.
Can I get a discount?
The discounts start at 30 panels (2%). Since profit margins are purposely kept low, discounts are minimal.
Can I get a catalog?
Unfortunately, we do not have a catalog. The most complete information about LC panels exists on this website. We do have fabric swatches and other samples available upon request.
What kind of guarantee do I get?
LC panels are guaranteed against any defects in workmanship or materials. You can get a refund for the panels (Popular basic sizes) and connectors if returned in original good condition within 30 days of your delivery date. We will repair or replace any panel at any time, if a panel fails due to a defect.
Can I get a __________?
Since we have a machine shop, chances are, you can get whatever you need. We do quite a bit of custom work. Let us know what your needs are.