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Custom Office Partitions and Components

Custom office partitions content summary for LC Design Systems. Advanced lighweight sound absorbing partitions and panel design.

From concept to reality!

Partitions are all custom made.
You name the size, we will meet your specifications.

We offer the lowest prices in the industry.
Tell us your needs and request a quote!

If you can imagine it, we can create it
we provide you with a 3-D Model.

System for Texas A & M, 2011
Excellent reasons to choose LC Design Systems for custom office partitions.
1. No wood products used anywhere. Framing is lightweight aluminum.
2. Lowest priced in the industry and the lightest and easiest to handle.
3. LC Partitions are custom made to your size requirements.
4. The .36 NRC sound rating is higher than our competition.
5. LC partition systems assemble/disassemble faster than any other system.
6. LC Partitions are more versatile; all sides connect, they can be even be stacked.
7. LC Partitions look good.
8. Waterfriendly. You can even clean them with a garden hose, no problem.
9. No tools are required for installation. Connectors just snap into place.
10. LC Partitions can mix surfaces/colors. Dry erase/cloth, Acrylic/chalkboard, etc.
11. Lead times are typically short and are much faster than our competition.
12. LC Partitions are 100% made in the USA: all raw materials, labor, EVERYTHING!