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Partitions with Smooth Surfaces

Lots of choices • easy to clean

We offer a variety of smooth surfaces, depending upon your needs. For instance, polywall is a great choice for rough, commercial applications. Laminates are great for matching other decor, and is very durable. Coroplast has a nice low cost, and lots of solid colors are available. If you need a panel with a partial surface in dry erase board, or chalkborard, we can do that too.

  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Huge variety of attractive surfaces to choose from.
  • Coroplast, plastic surface, lots of colors, low cost.
  • Polywall, fiberglass reinforced plastic surface, very tough.
  • Laminates, like your kitchen countertop. Lots of prints and styles.
  • Stainless steel, the ultimate in longevity, classic beauty.
  • Vinyl or PVC, low cost, lots of styles and patterns.
  • Dry Erase, write using a dry erase marker, then wipe clean.
  • Other surfaces may be possible, ask if you don't see it listed
cororplast office partitionpvc beige office panelpolywall office partitionlaminate office partitionwhite laminate office panelstainless steel office panel
CoroplastPVC office panelPolywallLaminate, lots of stylesStainless steel, brushed



Here is a pricing guide. The price also depends upon your desired design. Most likely, our price will still be lower than anyone elses price.

Sizing up to 4'x6' 4'x8' 4'x10
Coroplast $229 $229  
PVC $239 $239  
Polywall $299 $299  
Laminate $339 $339 $379
Stainless steel $650 $650 $650
Dry Erase $229 $229 $229
Velcro compatible $229 $229 $259



Regarding laminates, below is just a small sample of colors and patterns available. Some sufaces may cost us a bit more. Tell us what you are interested in, and we will fax/email a quote to you. We typically use Wilsonart or Formica laminates. Your local Home Depot or Lowes store should have a laminate "chip board" on display in the Kitchen Bathroom cabinetry department. A large variety of sample laminate chips are available for viewing. We only need the style number on the back of the chip, in order to get the same exact style for your panels.

oak laminate color chip black forest laminate color chip burgundy laminate color chip carbon laminate color chip cashmere laminate color chip cesium laminate color chip copper laminate color chip gold golden laminate color chip walnut laminate color chip khaki laminate color chip krypton laminate color chip
lithium laminate color chip mandarin laminate color chip maple laminate color chip montana walnut laminate color chip nickel laminate color chip oxygen laminate color chip pearl white laminate color chip putty laminate color chip shadow laminate color chip tibetan laminate color chip mahogony laminate color chip


Legend Exteriors office partitionHere is a very nice laminate partition for Legend Exteriors and Construction. They chose this wood laminate style and asked for smoked acryic at the top. These are huge at 5"Wx 8"H. Because of the size, they are fairly expensive, but they have a very imposing look. They will make most people stop to admire them. (protective film covers the smoked acrylic)