LC Design Systems

Custom Office Partitions and Components

Take a walk on the wild side

Special Patterns up to 4'x6', $135. Up to 4'x10', $215.

Prices can vary in accordance with the material you desire.

If you need a special look for your business, we can help! We can get almost any kind of pattern or print. Describe your needs using the "comments" box on the order page.


office parition with blue type dye and snakeskin fabrics

Rich blue tyedye fabric on the left, and snakeskin fabric on the right.
Various colors are available in each style.

office partitions with blue sparkles and multi-color fabrics

On the left is a multi-colored rectangular print
The fabric has a velvet feel to it, and a rich look.
On the right is a solid aqua blue with reflective sparkles pretty fabric.

office partitions with camoflauge fabric and red tigerskin fabric

On the left is a military camoflauge fabric. Available in various colors schemes.
On the right is a red tigerskin design.
These patterns are available in different materials, such as velvet, lycra, etc.


Remember, LC panels can be "stacked". A nice solid color across the bottom, with a special pattern on top can be very appealing.

Tell us what kind of "look" your after, we can probably get it

NOTE: Some of the fabrics and styles available to us are special, and in limited quantities. A particular fabric available today, may not be available 2 months from now. Therefore we cannot guarantee fabric availability for all time.

Let us know what kind of fabric or pattern you need, and we'll try to get it for you.